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PoshBee Project Outcomes
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Edited by Mark Brown, Jane Stout, Marie-Pierre Chauzat, Marika Mand, Denis Michez, Robert Paxton, Peter Neumann, Alexandra Klein, Francesco Nazzi, Philippe Bulet, Simon Potts, Gail Turney, Teodor Metodiev
This collection hosts outcomes from PoshBee, a Horizon 2020 funded European Research Consortium (grant agreement No 773921). PoshBee is a 5-year funded project (2018-2023) that aims to support healthy bee populations, sustainable beekeeping, and consequently pollination for crops and wildflowers across Europe. To do this we take a range of approaches, from the laboratory to the field, from molecules to ecosystems, and from fundamental science to risk assessment. The collection includes a range of outputs, including reports, protocols, methodologies, and research papers.

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