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Path2Integrity Project Outcomes
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Edited by Julia Prieß-Buchheit, Oliver Claas, Iliyana Demirova, Agnieszka Dwojak-Matras, Lisa Häberlein, Belén López, Katharina Miller, Christiane Stock

The Path2Integrity project, financed by the EU Horizon 2020, advocates for emphasising the virtues of Research Integrity and strengthening the relationship between science and society in the rapidly changing research landscape. By designing and implementing rotatory role-playing and role-models, the project will maximise the quality and societal impact of research and foster Research Integrity by educating the next generation. Within the three-year research and innovation programme, dialogical trainings will pave the way towards achieving enhanced and successful educational practices and learning methods targeted at students and young researchers, as well as everyone directly or indirectly involved in research, including educators and senior researchers.

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