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B-Cubed – Biodiversity Building Blocks for Policy
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Edited by Quentin Groom, Nikol Yovcheva

This collection hosts the outcomes from the Horizon Europe project B-Cubed, grant agreement No 101059592 (2023-2026), which aims to transform biodiversity monitoring from a disconnected, labour-intensive activity into an agile and responsive process, tailored to the needs of decision-makers.

To do that, B-Cubed works closely with existing biodiversity initiatives to identify and address policy needs. It leverages the concept of data cubes to standardise access to biodiversity data using the Essential Biodiversity Variables framework. These cubes are the basis for models and indicators of past, current and future biodiversity. The models will be accessible to users in real-time and on-demand in a cloud computing environment, delivering information on biodiversity status and change. To ensure its results can be reused, the project creates exemplar automated workflows for modelling using biodiversity data cubes and for the calculation of change indicators. The effectiveness of B-Cubed’s solutions is demonstrated in four case studies, varying in geographic extent, biodiversity richness and data availability.

This collection will evolve alongside B-Cubed, providing access to the project’s results and serving as a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.

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