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European City of Science Leiden 2022
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Edited by Margaret Gold, Meta Knol
In 2022, Leiden was the very first European City of Science to present a year-long program aimed at connecting science and society. In doing so, we kickstarted a new European tradition. We also created an advanced, practice-based model for Public Engagement with Science: open-minded, bottom-up, and with a playful 'just do it' mentality.  Leiden was the 10th city to carry the title, awarded every two years by EuroScience, but was the first city to programme a full year of events and 365-day science festival for anyone with a curious mind. The resulting Leiden2022 Model is paving the way for a brand-new tradition and a new form of public engagement with science that steps out of the academic buildings and into the neighbourhoods of the city. In this repository of documents of the year we share reports, analysis, recommendations and reflections from the year.
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