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Bootstrapping the Open Science culture: The fellowship approach
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Edited by Moritz Schubotz, Dominik Scholl, Tamara Heck, Rima-Maria Rahal, Sarah Behrens, Isabel Steinhardt
In the past five years, Wikimedia Deutschland has partnered with Stifterverband and Volkswagen Stiftung to follow a joint vision: to nourish a community of practice among emerging researchers in German-speaking countries that advocate and nourish open science in their disciplines and fields. Their approach was to support individuals with a fellowship program that serves different purposes: connection among open science enthusiasts across different fields; gaining practical experience in open science, and financial support to transfer research practices into the open. Over 90 fellows participated in the program, accompanied by their mentors, who supported the fellows on their way to practicing open science. In this special issue, we report on the learnings that fellows and mentors experienced in the Wikimedia Program “Free Knowledge”. We reflect on the goals of practicing open science and the advances and pitfalls on the practical implementation. We discuss which further impact the program had on scientific communities and how the fellows acted as mediators to further nourish open science practices.
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