Calman (1906) is available in BLR as The taxonomic treatment of Leucon longirostris G.O. Sars (shown above) extracted from this expedition document is also avaible in BLR: Both links have unique DOIs assigned to them and thus are also retrievable as, and, accordingly.

  Part of: Faulwetter S, Pafilis E, Fanini L, Bailly N, Agosti D, Arvanitidis C, Boicenco L, Catapano T, Claus S, Dekeyzer S, Georgiev T, Legaki A, Mavraki D, Oulas A, Papastefanou G, Penev L, Sautter G, Schigel D, Senderov V, Teaca A, Tsompanou M (2016) EMODnet Workshop on mechanisms and guidelines to mobilise historical data into biogeographic databases. Research Ideas and Outcomes 2: e10445.