Experimental Flowchart. (A) Wild Cells incubated with built vectors. (B) Wild-cell transformation by electroporation. (C) Selection of mutants resistant to Zeocin. (D) Screening of antibiotic resistant cells by PCR. (E) Cultivation of PCR positive cells. (F) Fractions to be tested for the presence of recombinant proteins. (G) Detection of recombinant proteins present in the fractions by Western Blot. (H) Protein Purification. (I) Quantification via ELISA. (J) Spider silk polymerization reaction.

  Part of: Molino J, Lubiana Alves T, Ferreira-Camargo L, Croce M, Tanaka A, Buson F, Ribeiro P, Campos-Salazar A, Antonio E, Maizel A, Siratuti V, Costa C, Wlodarczyk S, de Souza Lima R, Mello F, Mayfield S, Carvalho J (2016) Chimeric spider silk production in microalgae: a modular bionanomaterial. Research Ideas and Outcomes 2: e9342. https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.2.e9342