Cassette construction to be inserted in C. renhardtii nuclear genome for the expression of desired proteins. Promoter hsp70A/rbcs2: fusion of the promoters hsp70A and rbcs2 (Eichler-Stahlberg et al. 2009, Schroda et al. 2000). Sh-Ble: gene that gives resistance to Zeomycin. 2A: self-cleavage peptide obtained from Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) (Rasala et al. 2012). PS: Secretion signal peptide of the gene Ars1. GOI: gene of interest coding the proteins to be used in the project. His: coding sequence of six histidines (histidine tag). RbcS2 3’UTR: terminal sequence (untranslated region) of the gene RbcS2 (Fuhrmann et al. 1999)

  Part of: Molino J, Lubiana Alves T, Ferreira-Camargo L, Croce M, Tanaka A, Buson F, Ribeiro P, Campos-Salazar A, Antonio E, Maizel A, Siratuti V, Costa C, Wlodarczyk S, de Souza Lima R, Mello F, Mayfield S, Carvalho J (2016) Chimeric spider silk production in microalgae: a modular bionanomaterial. Research Ideas and Outcomes 2: e9342.