Project overview. Schematic representation of spider web structure from macro to nano scale. A representation of: enzybiotic protein from a bacteriophage; a spider silk protein with repetitive domains and N and C terminals; host expression system Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and a chimeric protein envisioned in this project; and the final product, a biopatch produced from recombinant silk proteins and chimeric proteins.

  Part of: Molino J, Lubiana Alves T, Ferreira-Camargo L, Croce M, Tanaka A, Buson F, Ribeiro P, Campos-Salazar A, Antonio E, Maizel A, Siratuti V, Costa C, Wlodarczyk S, de Souza Lima R, Mello F, Mayfield S, Carvalho J (2016) Chimeric spider silk production in microalgae: a modular bionanomaterial. Research Ideas and Outcomes 2: e9342.