European and contiguous seas. The distribution of population in European and adjacent coastal areas is shown as well as the existing Marine Protected Areas (including the Natura-2000 sites; based on the September 2015 version of the World Database on Protected Areas) and the terrestrial and marine borders (not all shown EEZs have been ratified – in the case of non-agreed marine borders the median line is shown in the map).

  Part of: Katsanevakis S, Mackelworth P, Coll M, Fraschetti S, Mačić V, Giakoumi S, Jones P, Levin N, Albano PG, Badalamenti F, Brennan R, Claudet J, Culibrk D, D'Anna G, Deidun A, Evagelopoulos A, García-Charton J, Goldsborough D, Holcer D, Jimenez C, Kark S, Sørensen T, Lazar B, Martin G, Mazaris A, Micheli F, Milner-Gulland E, Pipitone C, Portman M, Pranovi F, Rilov G, Smith R, Stelzenmüller V, Vogiatzakis I, Winters G (2017) Advancing marine conservation in European and contiguous seas with the MarCons Action. Research Ideas and Outcomes 3: e11884.