In this article published in 2016 in Malacologia, the mentions highlighted in orange are only cited as authorship and yet listed under the references section; the references in yellow are unambiguous bibliographic references (as they also are followed by a page number for instance), thus they are listed under the references section; the blue references should have been listed in the bibliography list but are not (Waite and Allmon 2016, cited in BĂ©nichou et al. (2018)).

  Part of: Benichou L, Buschbom J, Campbell M, Hermann E, Kvacek J, Mergen P, Mitchell L, Rinaldo C, Agosti D (2022) Joint statement on best practices for the citation of authorities of scientific names in taxonomy by CETAF, SPNHC and BHL. Research Ideas and Outcomes 8: e94338.