Mock-up of an interface for automated taxon identification. Naturalis holds over 500.000 specimens of unmounted, unsorted and often unidentified, papered butterflies and moths that were collected mostly in Europe and Asia over the past 200 years. In early 2016, Naturalis embarked on a 10-year-project to digitally identify all these specimens with the help of dedicated volunteers (Caspers et al. 2019).  Specimens are unpacked, photographed, had their label data registered and then repacked, still unmounted, for long-term storage. Specimen images were then dragged and dropped into a web-based interface to get a near-instant response with multiple predictions about the taxonomic identity including probability values.

  Part of: Greeff M, Caspers M, Kalkman V, Willemse L, Sunderland BD, Bánki O, Hogeweg L (2022) Sharing taxonomic expertise between natural history collections using image recognition. Research Ideas and Outcomes 8: e79187.