The well-known tale of "Sleeping Beauty" is a good simile for this project. In the impossibility of canceling the death of the princess because it was determined by a higher evil will, the solution found by the godmother fairies is to make her fall asleep waiting for a solution that could come over time. Sleep protects the princess, keeps her alive and prevents her from pain. At the same time, the people who love her don't see her suffer and keep the hope that one day she can just wake up and resume her normal life without even the memory of the curseĀ [cropped from "The sleeping beauty" by John Collier (1921), available via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain].

  Part of: Cirillo M (2021) Sedation-Led chEmotherapy Evades Pain (S.L.E.E.P.). Research Ideas and Outcomes 7: e71271.