Some experienced Wikipedia editors use account extensions to turn on the display of article metadata as seen here in the article header. The article is currently graded as "B" class on Wikipedia's quality scale. 1,031 Wikipedia editors have made 3,570 editorial revisions to the article since the article's creation on 15 April 2005. There are 428 registered Wikipedia editors who have put this article in their watchlist, which means that they have alerts about the article's development either whenever they request it or by some push notification. In the 30 days proceeding April 6, 2021 (when this screenshot was taken), this article has received 43,388 Wikipedia pageviews. The image is in the public domain and available via Wikimedia Commons.  
  Part of: Rasberry L, Mietchen D (2021) Wikipedia for multilingual COVID-19 vaccine education at scale. Research Ideas and Outcomes 7: e70042.