Examples of errors on stamps. Numbers shown are Scott’s stamp numbers (Sn). No scientific or common names: A) (Phaeostigma notata, Raphidioptera); Misidentifications: B) “Monarch” (Euphaedra coprates, Nymphalidae); C) “African Violets Saintpaulia ionanthe” (Alcides metaurus, Uraniidae); D) “Cymbospondylus” [Ichthyosaur!] (Utetheisa ornathrix, Erebidae); E) Ephemera Denica” (Rhyssa sp., Ichneumonidae); F) “Bhutanitis lidderdalii” (Attacus atlas, Saturniidae); G) “Unidentified taxco” (Melanis cephise, Riodinidae); Misspelling of scientific and common names: H) “Checked White Pontina protodice” (Checkered White Pontia protodice); Incorrect information: I) Kallima inachus (Eastern Europe)” (Oriental species); J) “Lomagostus jeanneli n. sp.” (species described by Villiers in 1958); Poor depictions: K) “Citrus Swallowtail – Papilio demodocus” (stylized butterfly); L) “Cymothoe sangaris” (this is a red species); M) “Diaethria neglecta” (uppersides of wings shown as undersides and vice versa).

  Part of: Nazari V (2021) Taxonomy at Face Value: An assessment of entomological postage stamps as effective teaching aids for science educators. Research Ideas and Outcomes 7: e68056. https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.7.e68056