The integration of evolutionary and community assembly processes (left) result in emergent properties of communities (e.g. leaf area index, canopy %N) that drive ecosystem processes (right) and their responses to global change. To address Theme 4, we will leverage the same set of long-term field experiments described above (Theme 3), complementing existing data with additional modeling and measurements.

  Part of: Cavender-Bares J, Reich PB, Townsend PA, Banerjee A, Butler E, Desai A, Gevens A, Hobbie SE, Isbell F, Lalibert√© E, Meireles JE, Menninger H, Pavlick RP, Pinto-Ledezma J, Potter C, Schuman MC, Springer N, Stefanski A, Trivedi P, Trowbridge A, Williams L, Willis CG, Yang Y (2021) BII-Implementation: The causes and consequences of plant biodiversity across scales in a rapidly changing world. Research Ideas and Outcomes 7: e63850.