Components of TA2, Smart Lab, and connection to TA3: Seamless data transfer from devices via the ELN to repositories. Grey panels: modular software plugins, orange panels: modular software plugins for ELN and repositories, blue panels: software developed for the ELN. OC, IC, PC, PolyCC and AC represent the modules of the subdisciplines to be developed (see list of abbreviations in the last section of the Grant Proposal and the table to it).

  Part of: Steinbeck C, Koepler O, Bach F, Herres-Pawlis S, Jung N, Liermann JC, Neumann S, Razum M, Baldauf C, Biedermann F, Bocklitz TW, Boehm F, Broda F, Czodrowski P, Engel T, Hicks MG, Kast SM, Kettner C, Koch W, Lanza G, Link A, Mata RA, Nagel WE, Porzel A, Schlörer N, Schulze T, Weinig H-G, Wenzel W, Wessjohann LA, Wulle S (2020) NFDI4Chem - Towards a National Research Data Infrastructure for Chemistry in Germany. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e55852.