Candidate drivers of adaptation by a program working at a regional scale, partially adapted from Figures 1.1 and 3.1 in Swart et al. (2009). This conceptual framework provides a basis for constructing hypotheses in this project. Each dashed border encapsulates a category of putative drivers. Neither relationships among individual drivers nor feedbacks between categories of drivers and adaptation actions are shown. Bolded boxes represent drivers that will be examined in this study. Underlined drivers can be at least partly informed from literature sources, whereas the remainder will be based solely on surveys and interviews with regional program administrators. (*Communication can also include coordination of adaptation planning/implementation in other regions).

  Part of: Mattsson BJ, Toth W, Penker M, Kieninger P, Vacik H (2020) Drivers and value tradeoffs of regional-scale adaptation in rural landscapes of central Europe. Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e53608.