Indicative proposal flow for SYNTHESYS+ Virtual Access proposals. Blue boxes indicated proposer(s) actions/responsibilities; violet boxes VA coordinator actions/responsibilities; green boxes indicate where communication and discussion between proposers and VA coordinators will be paramount; white (no fill) boxes indicate post-proposal actions. Double-ended arrows indicate where back-and-forth will occur between proposer(s) and VA coordinator(s).

  Part of: Hardy H, Knapp S, Allan EL, Berger F, Dixey K, Döme B, Gagnier P-Y, Frank J, Haston EM, Holstein J, Kiel S, Marschler M, Mergen P, Phillips S, Rabinovich R, Sanchez Chillón B, Sorensen MV, Thines M, Trekels M, Vogt R, Wilson S, Wiltschke-Schrotta K (2020) SYNTHESYS+ Virtual Access - Report on the Ideas Call (October to November 2019). Research Ideas and Outcomes 6: e50354.