Workshop topic code frequencies. Up to two topic codes were applied to each workshop (n=160). Topic codes are defined as follows: Carpentry: a data or software Carpentry workshop; Cleaning: data cleaning and related techniques; Coding: how to work with data via command line or in a specific language; General: the basics of data management; GIS: geographic information system or spatial data/tools; Grants: the word "grants" or the name of a funding agency was explicitly mentioned in the workshop's title or description; HPC: high performance computing; Locate: focused on how to search and locate datasets; Metadata: metadata and data documentation; Mining: focused on text and data mining; Org: data organization; Other: misc. topics or unclassifiable; Plans: data management plans; Repository: addresses a specific repository, how to use a repository, or data repositories in general; Reproducibility: focused on research reproducibility; StorageSec: data storage and/or security tools and topics; Tool: focused on how to use tools related to data and data management (see Fig. 2); Visualization: data visualization.

  Part of: Murray M, O'Donnell M, Laufersweiler MJ, Novak J, Rozum B, Thompson S (2019) A survey of the state of research data services in 35 U.S. academic libraries, or "Wow, what a sweeping question". Research Ideas and Outcomes 5: e48809.