Phylogenetic tree inferred by JolyTree from the RefSeq genomes belonging to the genus Borreliella. For each type strain (in bold), the clade determined by the isolates expected to belong to the same species (e.g. estimated pairwise distances < 0.05) is labeled by the species name and colored accordingly. Leaf names were automatically generated. Scale bar corresponds to an estimated evolutionary distance of 0.025. The inset summarizes a model tree of the Borreliella species based on the phylogenetic analysis of Casjens et al. (2018). The two genomes B. finlandensis and B. spielmanii, as well as the clade B. afzelii are highlighted to be comparable with the phylogenetic analysis of Casjens et al. (2018).

  Part of: Criscuolo A (2019) A fast alignment-free bioinformatics procedure to infer accurate distance-based phylogenetic trees from genome assemblies. Research Ideas and Outcomes 5: e36178.