Anhydrite specimen, ICDP-drill core Yaxcopoil-1 (2001-2002) depth 1376.11 m, Chicxulub impact crater, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Specimen length 2 cm. Museum für Naturkunde Berlin collection [Inventory number MFN_PET_2008_00133], photo by R. T. Schmitt.

  Part of: Tilley L, Berning B, Erdei B, Fassoulas C, Kroh A, Kvaček J, Mergen P, Michellier C, Miller C, Rasser M, Schmitt R, Kovar-Eder J (2019) Hazards and disasters in the geological and geomorphological record: a key to understanding past and future hazards and disasters. Research Ideas and Outcomes 5: e34087.