A tektite that originates from the distal ejecta (strewn field) of the Ries impact, found in the Czech Republic. Tektites from the Ries impact are called moldavites. Ruler at the bottom of the image = 6.6 cm [Inventory number NHMV_J677]. Photo courtesy of L. Ferrière, Natural History Museum Vienna.

  Part of: Tilley L, Berning B, Erdei B, Fassoulas C, Kroh A, Kvaček J, Mergen P, Michellier C, Miller C, Rasser M, Schmitt R, Kovar-Eder J (2019) Hazards and disasters in the geological and geomorphological record: a key to understanding past and future hazards and disasters. Research Ideas and Outcomes 5: e34087. https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.5.e34087