The mesopelagic ecoregions or biogeographic provinces of the world’s oceans proposed by Sutton et al. (2017), available under a CC BY 4.0 license. The numbers are simply for reference, and relate to the geographical names referenced in the paper and in the workshop discussion below. Areas with depths less than 200 m shaded in black.

  Part of: Drazen JC, Smith CR, Gjerde K, Au W, Black J, Carter G, Clark M, Durden JM, Dutrieux P, Goetze E, Haddock S, Hatta M, Hauton C, Hill P, Koslow J, Leitner AB, Measures C, Pacini A, Parrish F, Peacock T, Perelman J, Sutton T, Taymans C, Tunnicliffe V, Watling L, Yamamoto H, Young E, Ziegler AF (2019) Report of the workshop Evaluating the nature of midwater mining plumes and their potential effects on midwater ecosystems. Research Ideas and Outcomes 5: e33527.