The LTER-Italy parent site "Northern Adriatic Sea". The four research sites that compose it, together with the fixed point observatories, are evidenced. 1: Gulf of Trieste and Mambo buoy, 2: Gulf of Venice and Acqua Alta Tower, 3: Po Delta and Romagna Coast and S1-GB and E1 buoys, 4: Senigallia-Susak Transect and TeleSenigallia Pylon (Minelli et al. 2018)

  Part of: Minelli A, Oggioni A, Pugnetti A, Sarretta A, Bastianini M, Bergami C, Bernardi Aubry F, Camatti E, Scovacricchi T, Socal G (2018) The project EcoNAOS: vision and practice towards an open approach in the Northern Adriatic Sea ecological observatory. Research Ideas and Outcomes 4: e24224.