Plant diversity effects on soil microbes more pronounced at elevated [CO2]. Microbial biomass (µg Cmic g-1 soil dry mass) and basal respiration (BR; µl O2 h-1 g-1 soil dry mass) as affected by plant species richness (SR) and CO2 concentrations. Dashed lines indicate ambient CO2 levels, solid lines elevated CO2 levels (+180 ppm). SR x CO2 for Cmic: p=0.007; SR x CO2 for BR: p=0.03). Data from August 2010. Means with SE. Redrawn after Eisenhauer et al. (2013).

  Part of: Eisenhauer N (2018) Aboveground-belowground interactions drive the relationship between plant diversity and ecosystem function. Research Ideas and Outcomes 4: e23688.