Opinions of RDP policy evaluators on data availability and bottlenecks. Results reproduced from ENRD 2012.

A group of 58 RDP policy evaluators were asked about data availability and bottlenecks to data use for agricultural policy impact evaluation in 2007-2013. In response to the question: “To what extent are sound data available to carry out RDP impact evaluations?” 2% (1) replied ‘fully available’, 24% (14) replied ‘largely available’, 72% (42) replied ‘partly available’, 2% (1) replied ‘not available’. The answers to the question “What are the major bottlenecks in providing sound data for the assessment of RDP impact in 2007-2013?” are shown in the graph.

  Part of: Underwood E, Grace M (2017) The use of biodiversity data in rural development programming. Research Ideas and Outcomes 3: e20369. https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.3.e20369