The network of biodiversity informatics organisations. The network visualisation was created using NodeXL (Version (Smith et al. 2009) and was laid out with the Harel–Koren Fast Multiscale algorithm and then adjusted manually to remove overlaps. The colours represent clusters identified using the Girvan–Newman algorithm.

  Part of: Bingham H, Doudin M, Weatherdon L, Despot-Belmonte K, Wetzel F, Groom Q, Lewis E, Regan E, Appeltans W, Güntsch A, Mergen P, Agosti D, Penev L, Hoffmann A, Saarenmaa H, Geller G, Kim K, Kim H, Archambeau A, Häuser C, Schmeller D, Geijzendorffer I, García Camacho A, Guerra C, Robertson T, Runnel V, Valland N, Martin C (2017) The Biodiversity Informatics Landscape: Elements, Connections and Opportunities. Research Ideas and Outcomes 3: e14059.