Timeline of DiSSCo:

1.Proposal phase (2015-2018),

2.Preparatory Phase (2019-2022),

3.Transition Phase (2023-2024),

4.Construction Phase (2024-2025),

5.Operational (2026-2036).

  Part of: Koureas D, Livermore L, Alonso E, Addink W, Alves MJ, Casino A, Curral L, Enghoff H, Guiraud M, Hardy H, Hoffmann J, Landel S, Paleco C, Petersen M, Scory S, Smith VS, Weiland C, Wesche K, Woodburn M (2023) DiSSCo Prepare Project: Increasing the Implementation Readiness Levels of the European Research Infrastructure. Research Ideas and Outcomes 9: e113906. https://doi.org/10.3897/rio.9.e113906